Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Has the "news" - type media done their jobs fully vetting Obama for the American voter?

OBAMA'S PHOTO OP IN AFGHANISTAN - He played hoops - wow

A Chinese news outlet reports bluntly on Obama's visit, his candidacy, and his rock star - biased treatment given by main stream media in our country.
"...Why should Senator Obama, who is now so busy and engrossed with his presidential race, squeezed time of his packed schedule for an overseas trip? It is owed to his two weak factors, or rather the "two soft ribs" exposed during his past half-year race, which were subjected to incessant rebuttals by his Republican rival.

The first is his "military and security soft rib." Compared with a Vietnam War veteran, John McCain, note Republican supporters, Obama is only a "rock star" with a ready tongue, who does not possess the competence and experience for the post of the US commander-in-chief. Obama has never been to Afghanistan and did not visit Iraq over recent years and so he does not know much about the situation on battlefields and his troop withdrawal proposal hence lacks a sufficient base, said an ad from McCain's election committee. He can only indulge in empty talk at home but does not go to heed opinions of US servicemen and officers at battlefields. So, it is a matter of urgency for him to have an "interning" in the military and security realm..."
emphasis mine...
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