Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Obama's donors scoff at helping Clinton pay off her debt

Obama Donors Not Stepping Up for Clinton
Though Sen. Barack Obama asked his top donors to help raise money to retire Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign debt, the New York Times says that "so far they have come up with less than $100,000."

"Several Obama donors said in interviews that they were balking at Mr. Obama's call for help because they believed Mrs. Clinton accumulated most of her debts after she had lost any mathematical chance of winning the nomination and was hanging on only in hopes of an Obama collapse. The idea of helping her now -- and lining the pockets of Mr. Penn, a reviled figure in the Obama camp -- is galling to them, they said, especially at a time when they say any available money should go to defeating Sen. John McCain and the Republicans in November." NYT
Editor Note: what is "galling" is the ridiculous support for an UNQUALIFIED empty suit to be our president in such dangerous international times, just because he's half black.

As for the "less than $100,000 - I wonder if that includes the $2300 both Barack and Michelle each grudgingly donated (once Hill was out of the race, to make themselves look good).
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