Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stunning bullshit from Feingold on the FISA bill

This is just amazing.

The way they play down Obama's vote with Bush, and Hillary's vote against Bush's wire tapping is stunning! I'm speechless at Feingold's comments. He praises Obama saying he'll bring "change" and fix this bill! A bill he just voted for! I am flabbergasted after watching this!

Maddow we know you're an extreme liberal in tow with Obama. Sadly Feingold and Dodd (who was mentioned) are too. Feingold your statement here is inexcusable, you sack of shit. I am in awe of your ability to sit there with a straight face and play down Obama's vote, play up his presidency, and of course ignore the FACTS of the importance of Obama's flip flopping on this, and you dare to mention Obama will bring "change". Then there's Hillary who did the right thing.

The Dems are no better than the Republicans. A bunch of scumbags.
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