Thursday, March 29, 2007

Does Pres. Bush even know what a Blog is?

I highly doubt it. He was so desperate the other day to sell his war, he was reduced to quoting from (supposedly) 2 blogs, out of Iraq, by Iraqi's who claimed how great it was there and the surge was working (according to Bush's quoting from these blogs).

Bush being the donkey he is, I guess didn't plan on the truth coming out regarding these blogs, or at least he and his hoodlums assumed their real Bush sheeple are too dumb to go online and find out the truth for themselves. Well, I'll give him that, after all they support him because they don't know the truth and facts about anything he does.

Turns out the bloggers are brothers, dentists in Iraq, who met Bush in 2004. They've been pro Bush ever since. Lastly, these bloggers that he quoted, were referring to conditions months ago, and not as Bush was implying, the conditions in their area now, since the escalation took place. Bush is such a weasel!

Note: when I said that Bush "was reduced to quoting from blogs", I was not belittling blogs everywhere, nor mine of course. I'm just saying that we all know the integrity of any blog is only based on its owner. Not a source of absolute fact for a President to be quoting from.. I mean really!

Also: If you have wmp (Windows Media Player), click "Cspan-3" over on the right and you can watch Sampson testify before congress right now!
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