Friday, March 16, 2007

New Blog and Videos

Ok, long story short. I kept a liberal blog at another free blog site. It really was a ton of work especially since at the time (I started it), I was new to blogging and learning all the ins and outs of all this. I had a years worth of entries, thoughts, pics, silliness, links and was very pleased with it's look and the traffic it started to receive.

Unfortunately (I'm assuming) that the people in charge of that blog address are right wing shills or "loyal Bushies" as they are well known ed in a now infamous email (chuckle chuckle). My blog one day, with no warning and with no explanation was suddenly shut down. No rules broke, no explicit or threatening content, it was just suddenly inaccessible. I was so pissed that they wouldn't respond to my emails, I finally gave up, took a deep breath, and thought well, it was tons of work, I did it, and I'm done with it. But after a few months I decided to put up a more simplistic blog that doesn't require so much work. I probably won't post everyday. I won't keep it up to date on every detail of what is going on in the political world (although when it gets closer to election day '08 I will probably pick up steam on my input). But I wanted a place to post my video clips and keep track of them for me. I grab news clips off the tv, and I also love taking Scrubs reruns and making fun little clips out of those for my (and others) amusements.

So that's pretty much what will be posted here.. any dang thing I feel like posting or making a video clip on!

I also have been reading some great political books that mostly make my blood boil. I get upset there is so much info out there that so few bother to read. So I've listed the many books, some of which I've read, at the right, which you can click on and visit and consider purchasing and/or reading a snippet of info on what the book is about. Most of them if not all of them, were on the 'Best Seller's List' for long periods.

So without further ado (what exactly does that mean?) I'm going to post below my most recent news clips in no particular order, that I've gathered the last few weeks and am now uploading onto Google Video.

Past videos I loaded onto Google:

Chris Mathews on HardBall discusses Libby Verdict

Keith Olbermann talks to Joe Wilson after the Libby Verdict

MSNBC coverage after trial

CNN coverage after the Libby Verdict

Imus talks to Tim Russert after the Verdict

Keith O on Fox Bias

Republicans in overdrive after Libby Verdict

Walter Reed and how the right didn't cover it

Dem caught on video whining about "idiot liberals"
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