Friday, March 16, 2007

For those lost on the 8 Attorney's that were fired

Here's a briefer- passed around on Craigslist where a variety of trolls like to bait and argue.

For those that like to whine about Clinton firing Attorney's and claim this is no big deal, acting as if this Admin's firing of these Attorney's is a non issue:

Let's spell it out for ya just once. It is ok to change out these attorneys as a politcal move, it is done by every president. The problem arises once they are on duty, they must set politics aside and do their job, the oath they took, to United States Law and abide by the law of the land when seeking justice on any case. ok, with me so far? The problem here was not only the attempted pressure of members in this administration to get them to alter their behavior in seeking and/or findings on some cases (all of which were meant for some kind of political gain to the republican party), but it is blatantly obstruction when a sitting Senator and /or congressmen would actually pick up the phone and call one of these attorneys and ask about a case against a democrat, and try to push it along (in a direction that would hurt dems in general). Aside from all this. I don't recall the exact figures, but it was something like this. As for the investigations under this present administration: 10 were against independents, 23 were against republicans and 295 were against democrats. The figures were something close to that. So the point is, not only were these republican attorney's fired for not playing to the republican party, instead they upheld their honor and duty as state attorneys and did their job in a reputable way, but theirs concern for all the other attorneys, whom were not fired, who played to the WH, seeking out claims/cases against Dems, simply to keep the WH happy and keep their jobs. This is unprecedented, like every other vile thing we've seen this administration do.
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