Friday, March 16, 2007

Valerie Plame finally speaks to Congress

Well, what a way to start off this new blog, with a huge story like this. CNN and MSNBC were covering it and MSNBC dropped out early to go back to the usual crap they cover. Much to my surprise Fox the fake news outlet stayed on it a bit longer, but when they tuned away they immediately got into their 'rip Plame a new one' mode. Ah, did we expect anything more of them? Of course not. I cannot stand Fox and never watch them. I only tuned in to see if they were even covering this story. When they tuned away from the hearing, the 1st thing they did was go into analysis with Robert the crotechedy ole grouch Novak. I switched to Cspan to continue watching this hearing. When I flipped bk to Fox for a moment, some blonde bimbo was having a hissy fit trashing Plame and this case. Sorry I don't know her name, like I said, I don't watch Fox.. ever!
Ok this is a test entry. I still have some kinks to work out on this blog. I may add a video to this post later. I'm recording some of this hearing now. I must say Valerie speaks very well, she's tactful, intelligent and not intimidated at all by these people. I'm impressed.. afterall, we've seen her but never heard from her before. Ok, I'm out for now.. This is going to be a big news day between this and the scandelous Attorney firings (and the lying by the WH). Amusing yet pathetic..

3/17 Update: Bush promised an internal probe into the outing of Valerie Plame but there was no such investigation done. So, Bush lied Read article here
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