Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pat Tillman's Parents want an investigation

Just a quick couple notes to add on news out this morning. We've heard the last few days that investigations have proven, as we knew, that the cover-up of Pat Tillman's true cause of death reached all the way to the top. We didn't know until yesterday that 4 generals and everyone inbetween were involved. It appeared that no real action aside from a slap on the wrist was going to be taken but Pat's parents are asking for an investigation by congress. This story will unvail as time goes on. I'm glad that they've stuck to their guns and not backed down from any intimidation that may have occured in persuing this inexcusable treatment of their family and Pat's death being used for politcal gain during a campaign season.


Also this morning CNN reports Tony Snow's cancer has spread to his liver. So his fate appears to be as grim as Elizabeth Edwards who revealed only days ago that her cancer has spread. Tony is the press spokesman for the White House and formerly an anchor from the right wing Fox news network. The day after Elizabeth held a press conference to announce her news, Tony said during his daily briefing, that he would be away from his job for 3 weeks due to surgery for his reappearance of cancer.

As someone who has witnessed many cancer victims die in my lifetime, some being close family members, I see no upbeat time tables for either of these people. This is sad news indeed.
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