Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Is this the next big story?

Lord knows there is so much going on right now between the war and the corruption that is constantly uncovered involving this administration.. add that to just plain non partisan incompetence, well, it's hard to keep up. But I thought I'd post this very brief video of what may be the next big topic, or one big topic anyway.

Chris Matthews has a 2nd show that airs on NBC, Sundays. He spends 30 minutes talking to a panel of 4 press people, about the politics of the week. The vampiress Norah O'Donnell is a very regular guest and her spin is always partisan. This week his panel included a new guest, Rick Stengel of Time Magazine. Three of the 4 panel (including Rick) leaned so far right I'm surprised they didn't tip their chairs over, so the show was rather bland. One note worthy moment was at the end of the show when Chris always closes the program with , "Tell me something I don't know", and each guest will give a brief summary of up and coming stories they feel will be the next big headline. Rick Stengel's news tip caught my attention, regarding billions approved for safer equipment than the hummers they have in Iraq now, but little of the money has been spent so far. The question is, 'why?'.
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