Tuesday, March 27, 2007

1800 Reservists being recalled

We've heard for sometime the bloated bragging of people on the right claiming the military were meeting their quotas on new recruits. Their claim being that plenty of Americans are supporting this war and want to fight in it. We know that these quotas were being met by the military lowering the standards to allow new enlistee's to include criminals, lower education, older, out of shape.. pretty much anyone who would sign up on the dotted line.

Well now the military are recalling 1800 reservists to deploy to Iraq because they have no volunteers to take this mission in such an unstable environment. The death toll of American military rises weekly, daily, and for what?

Bush intentionally lied to the American people during his state of the union address leading into the invasion of Iraq. This is an undisputed fact.

Impeach the bastard.
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