Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Intense partisanship

The Bush Administration was invoked by two of the eight dismissed US Attorneys who were interviewed on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday. This taken from a RawStory article. But I saw Meet the Press myself Sunday and what I saw were 2 civil republican attorneys who were loyalist but blunt about their unquestionable belief that they were fired for partisan reasons that involved illegal and unethical action by this White House. Attorney's McKay and Iglesias both described incedence where they felt uneasy being questioned by members of the republican congress or Harriet Miers' ofc, regarding cases they were working on, or possible future cases, against democrats.

"Russert had asked McKay, "A very close race for the governorship in your state, the Democrat won by just a handful of votes. You looked into the case, decided you did not find voter fraud. When you applied for a federal judgeship, that issue was raised with you, correct?"

"That's correct," said McKay. "I was able to go into the White House in a meeting with Harriet Miers and her deputy, Bill Kelly, and the very first question that I was asked was in reference to the 2004 governor's election."

Russert asked, "And did they ask you why you did not go forward with an investigation or with indictments?"
"No, they actually asked me why Republicans in the state of Washington would be angry with me, and, of course, all of the actions taken by the federal government, which were not publicly discussed, were well known to my supervisors and those who follow our work in Washington, D.C.," McKay responded. "So I was a little surprised that they would ask me about that since our office had carefully reviewed the evidence, and, really, in the case of the 2004 governor's election here, the lack of evidence and the decision that I made not to go forward was a really unanimous decision with the Seattle division of the FBI."

McKay said that he was surprised that his decisions based on evidentiary grounds weren't backed by the Bush Administration."


Part of the Patriot Act that allowed Bush to post Attorneys without Senate approval has been removed


Walking Colostomy Bag Bob Novak has now declared that Bush is isolated like no White House he's ever seen before.

Yesterday on Scarborough's show he discussed how republicans are grumbling how badly they are treated by this Bush administration that keeps a tight circle of loyalists and doesn't really show any acknowledgement to their own party members. Also mentioned were remarks how repugs felt they were shown more attention and respect by the Clinton administration than they receive now.

Also check out this Leaked Memo for the Mitt Romney campaign. It covers everything from his hair color being just right to the talking points he should stay on top of. Actually things like this don't surprise me in the least because I'm old enough and wise enough to have assumed things like this are pretty standard, but it may enlighten some others on just how things work in politics.
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