Monday, March 26, 2007

Judicial Official, Monica Gooding takes the 5th

Astounding. Monica Gooding, Justice Dept Official and senior counsel, White House liason to Secretary general Gonzo-boy, is taking the 5th Amendment, refusing to answer questions in front of the Senate hearings on the firing of 8 US attorneys. The statement from her attorney says she doesn't want to incriminate herself before a committee that has already decided wrongdoing has occurred. I haven't found any other stories regarding this on the net yet so it may still be breaking.

Ex governor and presidential candidate Tom vilsack and his wife were on Hardball today and Chris Matthews grilled them on why they were supporting Hillary Clinton. Chris was pretty tough on them, claiming they were only supporting Hillary because Vilsack wants to be considered as her vice presidential candidate. The Vilsack's held their claim that they've known Hillary since the 70's and think she'd make a great president. It was a short interview thank god because it was ugly.
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