Sunday, March 25, 2007

Military being sent unprepared and stretched thin

"Support our troops" is a great talking point spouted loudly by Faux news pundits and right wing mouth pieces like Rush Limbaugh, but does anyone bother with the details of what our military are really going thru? Here's a video with a few talking points I grabbed off tv this morning.

One topic this exchange barely touches on is the % of our military that are supposed to remain home based, along with deployed to various nations around the world. If we are presently exceeding the legal number of troops in Iraq, where are we suffering militarily elsewhere? at home? Is our nation protected from further attacks? What about our troops that are depended on in other nations? Have they been thinned out so more troops can deploy to Iraq? There's no argument that we are needed in Afghanistan where we should have been in the first place to fight the Taliban and seek out Osama Bin Laden (who's likely hiding in the mountains of Pakistan now), but where is the outcry, the discussions on this? Why is this subject off the radar in the media?


We had 10 troops killed in Iraq since 3/21 and now 5 more were killed today

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72% have served multiple tours of duty

War Vets come home to diminished jobs, or unemployed

Surge puts military at breaking point

Military feeling over extended since 2005

There are 120,000 contractors in Iraq, almost as many as the troops, and 800 have been killed. Mostly doing jobs the military would handle if they weren't overstretched and near their breaking point. Read blog entry: Kiko's House
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