Sunday, March 25, 2007

Jeb Bush gets snubbed

The Faculty Senate at University of Florida rejected a proposal to award Mr. Bush with an honorary degree by a vote of 38 to 28. "It is the first time in memory that the group has rejected a nominee put forth by its honorary degrees committee",said J. Bernard Machen, the university president. The nomination came from a former president of the university and supported by 2 trustees appointed by Bush.

"The nomination was a mistake, not just because some faculty members dislike Mr. Bush, a Republican who called himself “the education governor,” but also because he did not have the right background for an honorary degree" said Senate chairwoman, Denaya Wright.

The university has bestowed the honor on 5 previous Governors, along with John McCain, Senator from Arizona.

Meachem responded he's outraged and embarrassed by the decision. He claims he's heard from many alumni who are "very upset".

..yeh yeh republicans are upset, so what else is new! Article
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