Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The bogus Italian letter

The Italian Letter
A CNN report on the new book, The Italian Letter.

This video I grabbed last night has some interesting details on the fake letter that led up to the Iraq war and the relationship between Karl Rove and Dick Cheney.

After Donald Rumsfeld was removed from his job, or resigned, however you want to perceive it, we found out that he and Condi Rice didn't get along. REALLY didn't get along. It's amazing the big stories like this they are able to keep away from the press, or the press knew and didn't do their job revealing it to the public. Apparently their relationship was so bad that Rumsfeld wouldn't even take phone calls from Condi. If she were over seas on a mission, he wouldn't even take calls from her while she was abroad. This is amazing if true.

Now we learn about the relationship between Rove and Cheney in this clip from CNN. The bogus Italian letter is a topic that doesn't get enough attention. This letter that led up to the Iraq war, could have been exposed with the slightest investigation into it's authenticity.

It starts out discussing how much Karl Rove and Dick Cheney don't like each other... ehhh !! Interesting to say the least. These are 2 SOB's in this administration and how does it affect the running of this country, really, in those back room talks.. how is this affecting we as a nation overall? I mean they have so much in common.. selling bullshit to America. One on political terms and the other on international affairs.

But this video is basically about the Italian letter and a discussion with one of the authors, Peter Eisner . It's about 9 minutes long and sums up the details of this letter being used to sell the war to Americans, when the administration (assumably) knew the letter was a fake.
For some reason this video not only looks blurry, but the audio doesn't match up well with the video.. rarely happens but honestly, no one's paying me for perfection so sometimes you don't get it!
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