Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tucker Carlson and Col. Jacobs blasts the 15 hostages

Tucker Carlson is a completely worthless right wing tv pundit and proves it daily. Why MSNBC gives this nobody an hour program 5 days a week helps explain MSNBC's low ratings. What are his journalistic credentials? This guy attempts to spend 1 hour a day ripping apart Hillary Clinton. He's almost giddy when he starts out his daily broadcasts bashing her in what he thinks is some clever way that we don't notice. For instance his focusing in on the amount of support Obama has gotten, then sliding in a comment about Hillary, is his way of trying to dig into her gut. So many of these program commentators, he and Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough, (who spends most of his time trying to get Rosie fired), they all show their utter disdain for Hillary everytime her name comes up.

Today after Tucker started his program with the usual Clinton snide remarks, he went after the British soldiers who have not even been released yet. He's pointing fingers at their behavior in front of Iranian cameras. Along with the help of MSNBC analyst Ret. Col. Jack Jacobs, he criticized the British soldiers for their comments and what appeared to be their physical comfort in what they were saying. Keep in mind that these soldiers have not been released yet and are still in harms way until they leave the Iranian borders sometime tomorrow.

We've always been taught that when hostages are being paraded in front of a camera by their captors, they are likely to say anything. It is taken with a grain of salt because their lives are on the line. They are likely to denounce their own country and praise whatever regime they are being held in. This is the norm of how it works. I'm stunned that they would criticize anything said by these soldiers, much alone show this hostility even before the soldiers are released. Is Tucker Carlson this uneducated? Is Col. Jacobs this ill advised? Jacob's paraded his bravado on how he would have behaved in their situation and it was just disgusting imo.

I'm uploading this segment of video now. Col. Jacobs tried to turn this around by making it about himself, what a tough guy he is and what he would have done if it were he in this situation.. he would have taken a couple of "them" out before he were taken captive. Now really, if soldiers started shooting can we not assume they'd have been killed and if any Iranians were shot this would become a more serious situation between the countries? Is Col. Jacobs insane?. He and Tucker also express how Tony Blair and Britians behavior in this makes them look like wusses (my word). I'm more angry now that I've rewatched this segment for the 3rd time (trying to edit it down to upload). What nerve these 2 guys have. They should be fired over this.

Tucker also made sure he spun into a 'What did America do to help get the hostages released?' because he takes every opportunity to earn undo credit to this incompetent administration he supports. Col. Jacob obliged by speculating what we did. After all he has no clue either.

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