Thursday, April 5, 2007

Early morning brief post

The British soldiers that were held hostage should be landing soon back home in England. Tuning into Imus on tv briefly I had the displeasure of hearing all the crotchety old goats on there calling the soldiers behavior "outrageous" and "criminal". Agreeing with their regular guest Col. Jacob that the behavior of these soldiers was unacceptable, they said they should be taken away in shackles and thrown in prison. They also repeatedly called them "cowards".

These are a bunch of right wingers and that's all I'll say about that.

This morning an Apache helicopter was downed in heavy gunfire south of Baghdad. No word on the death toll yet but there were 4 more American soldiers killed in Iraq yesterday.

King Bush took advantage of the Senate being on vacation and snuck in an appointment for a big contributor to the Swift Boat group naming him ambassador to Belgium. Mr. Fox wouldn't have passed Senate's approval and had been picked for the job, then Bush withdrew the appointment last week knowing he wouldn't be approved.. now he snuck him back in while Senate is out.

Also Karl Rove left a speech yesterday only to be pelted with tomatoes by college students who then laid in front of his car so he couldn't leave. (these kind of stories make my day!)

you can research the details of these and more stories at:

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UPDATE: On the helicopter that crashed there were 4 injuries of the 9 on board but no one was killed. But in other areas there were 5 US troops and 4 British troops killed in action.
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