Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Condi Rice does O'Liely's radio show

I don't even know what to say about this. I just read the script from the program here. I can't stand either of these people. I realize Condi has an impressive past life, but I find this woman just revolting. I think she's a traitor to this nation for her continued lying and defense of this president, and I think she's really a coward, a complete coward for not putting her country ahead of her alliance with the Bush family.. and there is a very tight alliance with this family. I've read speculation that 1 reason Laura Bush spends some nights at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, is not just because of her husband's drinking, but because of tiff's involving dubya and Condi.. hmmm.

I'm always stunned O'Liely is even on the air, whether tv or radio, it's scary and sad that there are such dumbed down Americans that they'd even listen to the bullshit this idiot spews.


There was a shooting in the CNN building today and you can watch some of the video aftermath here and here. Apparently some low life dude wanted to kill his young x girlfriend who worked there in the Omni Hotel, which is connected to the CNN studios thru an atrium. He dragged her by her hair as she screamed and cried holding onto her head, around a corner and shot her point blank in the head, then 2 more times. A security guard of CNN's shot him afterward. He's in the hospital and in critical condition after surgery, and the young lady died.

I'm surprised there is no secure door there at CNN for their ppl to be safe, just incase of an incident. I happened to be tuned into the tv when all this was going down and it was odd to watch, even for them, to be reporting on breaking news right there in their own building.
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