Thursday, April 26, 2007

Democratic Debate

While Bush's approval rating hovers around 32% today, the first Democratic Presidential Debate was held in So. Carolina this afternoon with too many participants, unfair amounts of time allotted to some, and most of the responses pointed at Bush's incompetent Iraq policy.

I found Obama not directly answering the question asked of him more than any of them, and I came out more turned off by Gov. Richardson of New Mexico than I would have liked. I found him arrogant, and trying to hog the time, which unfortunately Brian Williams the host of this Q&A, let him do. At this point I can honestly say that whatever favor I had towards Richardson was totally wiped out tonight. Hillary, the person I want to be the next president, I thought did well but was really given less time than a few others were. John Edwards did well as did Joe Biden. Dodd was ok but he bored me. Kucinich is likable but unelectable, then there was this loony tune on the end I don't recall his name but he made Kucinich look like a main stream Democrat.

Hillary wore a subdued suit which I thought made her shoulders look too small and most of the men wore the most tv friendly color for their ties.. red.. a republican color.. come on guys, blue would have been more appropriate.

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