Wednesday, April 18, 2007

George Tenet's new book

George Tenet's explosive bookHarper-Collins has acquired a book from former CIA Director George Tenet.
The deal was negotiated by Jonathan Burnham, Senior Vice Presidentand Publisher of Harper-Collins, and Tenet's attorney, Robert Barnett. Description

Here's a briefer on this explosive book. I hope the VA Tech incident doesn't bury this important story. Supposedly, Tenet won't be too nice to anyone in this book to be released April 30th, including President Clinton, BUT from what I hear, he will lay squarely on the shoulders of the Dickster, the ultimate blame for the bullshit surrounding 'yellow cake' and the SOTU address Bush gave that wasn't supposed to contain emphasis on wmd's that the CIA had taken out due to their lack of authenticity. Cheney, a member of this insane war mongering group, PNAC,wanted this war to happen. Long before 9/11. Actually before he took ofc of the VP in 2001. PNAC Officia site
Slate (2004) worthy article to re-read
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