Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"I told you so" Larry Birkhead's the daddy!

Larry Birkhead came out of the court house in the Bahamas and looked down as if in dispair. He came to the mic, looked up with a big grin and arm raised in the air and said, "I told you so!". The crowd was overjoyed and cheered and clapped. They are under a gag order but were all allowed to make a brief statement.

He spoke, the Doctor (for the DNA), then Howard (who looked like he had tired or teary eyes), then Virgi. Her's was mostly her attorney speaking for her. You can read it all here. It's happy news and good timing. I'm very sick of the mountain being made out of the mole hill of a comment made by Imus, and tomorrow's my birthday, so this was nice news on a story that yes, I got hooked on too!
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