Friday, April 6, 2007

Leahy confronts Gonzo for being a slacker

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy lashed out at Attorney General Gonzales for failing to responding in a timely manner to requests made three months earlier for written answers to questions from Congress.

"At our last oversight hearing with you on January 18, 2007, you apologized for the tardiness with which you had provided written responses to questions that had been outstanding for six months," Leahy wrote. "Regrettably, the Committee has yet to receive answers from the written questions sent to you in connection with that January 18th hearing."

Leahy admonished Gonzales for "repeating the practice of not responding in a timely manner" and only responding when "a hearing appearance approaches."

The Senator requested that Gonzales supply a written testimony to the committee that includes "a full and complete account of the development of the plan to replace United States Attorneys, and all the specifics of your role in connection with that matter."

Leahy writes, "You would not tolerate this kind of response time in a Justice Department investigation where months go by without answers and when those answers are finally provided they are outdated or superseded by events. That is not conducive to effective oversight." TPM Muckracker

A PDF of the letter Leahy sent can be found here
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