Sunday, April 22, 2007

Living Green

"Global Warming: The Signs and the Science", airs on PBS, Tuesday the 24th at 9pm. Alanis Morissette hosts this examination of reasons why “it's not your grandfather's climate anymore,” as meteorologist Kenneth Trenbarth puts it.

There's a new series of environmental programming on Robert Redford's Sundance Channel called The Green, and it's all about ways that people can reduce their impact on the earth, to limit their carbon footprint. There's several upcoming programs to checkout and you can even learn how to Live Green. Robert Redford has always been on the forefront of solar energy and environmental issues, so much so, that back in the 70's he was burned in effigy in Kanab Utah. His Sundance Institute and residence in Utah is located just on the outer edges of the very small town of Provo, high up in the mountains. I've visited the area where his film institute teaches young film makers. It's a beautiful snow covered area with quaint picnic areas and a small shop to buy rustic trinkets, the education buildings and I've noticed some homes being built on his mountain, few and far between of course.


In another deadly day in Iraq. In northern Mosul a bus full of Kurdish workers was stopped, all were pulled from the bus and shot dead one by one. Read more. Also 6 American soldiers were killed yesterday.

While CNN and MSNBC continue to sadly never cover news, they rather stick to rag mag crap, I assume most Americans aren't aware that not only have we quit training Iraqi soldiers, but we are actually building a wall to separate Sunnis and Shiites in Baghdad. These news channels are a disgrace. CNN as spent 90% of their on air time in the last 24 hours covering 1) VA Tech and 2) The Blue Angels plane that crashed.. I kid you not, honestly it's probably more like 95% of on air time was on these 2 topics.. mostly VA Tech of course. As for the Faux Snooze channel, well I never even add them in as a media outlet.
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