Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Those darn Hollywood Liberals - Rosie and Alec

How dare they think they have a right to speak out on anything political!

Well let's touch on celebrity news. It's ok because we all know the truth is, that the hoopla surrounding these 2 people is because (drum roll here....) THEY ARE LIBERALS! OMG! IT'S TRUE!

Ok so first of all Alec Baldwin made an appearance on Larry King last night which I didn't watch but came across while flipping channels. I don't understand why Larry is still on air considering he died (so to speak) at least 10 yrs ago. What a yawner this guy is. I remember months ago and nothing was on tv and I watched about 15 mins of Larry, who was interviewing the lead guy from Blink 182. What a match up eh!.. so Larry kept refer to the guy and his band as "blink" and it only went downhill from there...

So anyway, (back on topic), it appears that Alec Baldwin will be appearing this Friday on "The View" .

In more gossip news, Rosie O'Donnell will be leaving the show this June. Now I'm only going to say this once so listen carefully... Rosie is leaving on her own accord, she is leaving by free will, it is Rosie who has chosen to leave the show. She saved The View from their dreary topics and ratings and she will go on to many offers out there because she's a ratings magnet.

I don't agree with everything Rosie says but she's a refreshing change from the right wing bullshit we are subjected to everyday on the airwaves such as Tucker Carlson, Joe Scarborough , (a couple of total losers there), then everyone on in the morning at MSNBC (except Alison Stewart), everyone at the Faux Snooze Network, Lush Dimbulb on the radio, Glen Beck's racist mouth on CNN, Wolf Blitzer asleep on air and whomever else I'm leaving out.

I feel a bit sorry for The View programming as now they are stuck with an old, lackluster Barbara Walters who lacks the courage to speak out with the Democratic background I know she has, and blonde bimbo, kool-aid drinking Bush sheeple, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

While we're on tv fluff, let me say I'm glad Heather Mills was voted off 'Dancing With the Stars' last night. They should never have let her on in the first place. What this money grubbing bitch/slut/tramp is doing to Paul McCartney is inexcusable. To my generation, especially the females, Paul McCartney is a god!!!
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