Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What get's attention and what's ignored

As of April 16th, the day all 24/7 news channels were obsessed with the murders on a VA campus, in a state where gun laws are so loose, that the majority of crimes commited in NY and DC (with guns), are committed with weapons bought in thet state of VA, 7 more US military were killed in Iraq bringing the total to 3312. This figure does not include those carried out of the country with injuries who die later. 3312, 3312, if you walk up to anyone on the street will they know this exact figure? Will they know how many were killed at VA Tech?

All attention in the tv media, whether 4am or 4pm was on VA Tech. No mention, ever, of the military deaths lost in Iraq in that same time period. No mention of the car bombs and innocent Iraqis who died. Every single minute, of every single hour in the media was on VA Tech. Wouldn't you think a 24/7 national or international news org could find the time in a 24 hour day to cover something besides ONE STORY?

I'm sure this massacre will re-bring up the debate on guns. Several states have strict laws and Virginia is known to have some of teh laxist laws in the country. Guns are bought there legally to commit crimes up and down the east coast. The VA Tech University which educates some 40,000, bans any guns on campus..rightly so. Now there's plenty of right wing blood suckling loonies calling for allowing guns for everyone on campus. They claim this would solve the problem.

Early this morning at least 5 suicide car bombers set off a series of deadly blasts that killed at least 161 human beings with 207 injured. Keep in mind for the injured, that the health care avail right now in Iraq is below substandard. So children with half their body's skin burned off and a gouging hole in their sides, have little if any access to sterile aids, pain killers, any basic supplies to keep that child from suffering extensively. What are Americans, these religious parrots who spew so much righteousness, what are they doing for the suffering children in Iraq?

Our military that die or that are injured in Iraq, those poor innocent Iraqi people, blown to bits, or badly injured.. these people are not numbers.. they are human beings.

So Bush supporters, just what did you do this last week end that showed any sacrifice for this war?
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