Monday, June 11, 2007

Iraq, Libby, Gonzo, Paris, Media incompetency

I'm so depressed at everything going on in this country. No, really. I'm past the middle aged mark and so ashamed to be an American. Where oh where has my country gone? How can American adults be so complacent and ignorant on important matters? OMG.

The right wing presidential wannabes don't believe in evolution. They praise Gitmo with Huckabee saying prisoners would love being there. Mitt, McCaine, and others say they believe we need more war with a desire to attack Iran.

How many Americans and innocent people around the world have to die at the hands of ignorant, dangerous, corrupt-power-monger Americans Corporatations, before normal, average, Americans wake the fuck up and get their nose out of that bible and pay attention to what's going on, what's really going on, around them?

Vote today on Gonzales 'No Confidence'

Bush calls vote on Gonzo "meaningless"

Dead People Voting

Pentagon sought "Gay Bomb" funds

Giuliani's 9/11 (be scared) Presidential campaign

Army stretched thin and returned to duty with major injuries

Georgia, southern christian state-Seeks to keep BLACK boy in prison for consensual sex

Bush/Cheney (now) desperate to get Iraq up and running

It's about Iraq's oil stupid, it's always been about the oil

Iraqi workers fight to keep their oil from US

GOP threatens to block Ron Paul from their parties debates
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