Thursday, June 21, 2007

'Southerners have completely lost it

The south has completely lost it. Can we thank their bible thumping ways? Bush? Cheney? Rove? Delay? Their churches? They've just gone insane.

Now 2 men pull into an apartment complex in Austin, Texas, hit a 2 yr old (obviously unsupervised, what the hell was he doing near a parking lot?) The boy is rushed to the hospital with non threatening injuries. The 2 men in the car were hispanic. A mob pull them from the car and start attacking them. The man who was a passenger tried to protect the driver, and ended up himself being killed by this mob.

Driver hit child; group of men attacked him when he stopped to check on kid
• Passenger got out of car to help; was beaten to death by the angry crowd
• Sister found David Morales, 40, on pavement 100 feet from her townhouse
• Thousands of people were in the area for a Juneteenth celebration, police said

Story of crazy southerners
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