Thursday, June 21, 2007

Is Tony Snow a liar?

Do these corrupt and incompetent republicans always put their politics ahead of the good of the country? Well I have my views on this.

There are hundreds of thousands of emails missing from the White House. It is illegal to throw out anything, a note, a message, a phone conversation, or an email. By law they must all be retained in records. To avoid intrusion of their constant corruption (I'm guessing here of course), the Bush administration illegally used republican email accounts on the property of the White House, which bypassed the emails being archived and saved. Performing any political work on government time and property, is against the law. This story is huge, very involvd and has been going on for a long time with (of course) Rove at the center of the corruption. But my post is in reference to the right wing now lying and trying to say Clinton did the same thing in his presidency. These people know no boundaries when it comes to ethics. Article

There's news out that our soldiers have bombed a building they knew was filled with children, in the attempt to get some Al Qaeda leader they insist is important. After the bombing they lied to the media saying they didn't know kids were in there. Later it's found out they intentionally lied about the whole mess. So far what news I saw said they didn't catch the guy or kill him, though they insisted he was in that building and it was worth killing a dozen children for.

I'm sure more details will come out in the next few days on this, hopefully. I can only shake my head at a nation that says we can't have stem cell research because an embryo, so small it can't be seen with the naked eye, is a human, and we can't kill humans to save humans... but killing a bunch of Iraqi children, intentionally, is different.

Good thing I'm a proud atheist, because if I believed in this so called God and/or Jesus looking over us, I mean wow, what would he be thinking of what he saw in the United States of America?

Nation of utter ignorance.
Kool Aid drinking Bush sheep
Kinda like Elizabeth Hasselback- the no talent bimbo on The View....

But I digress.. it's late, bedtime.
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