Thursday, June 21, 2007

Waxman locking horns with Cheney-who will win?

Senator Waxman is accusing DICK Cheney of doing some "drastic acts" to keep some things from the American people. This has to do with protecting classified security information. This is much bigger than past tanglings Waxman has had over issues with the corruption within this administration.

This is about what the public has a right to know on just how much Cheney is keeping hidden. "The VP's office is keeping a secret over just how many secrets it keeps", says CNN. An order by Pres Bush requires Cheney's ofc to tell the National Archives how many documents it classifies or declassifies each year. For years, the vice president's ofc has refused.

Now with pressure and charges by the Democratic lead Congress and Waxman the situation is coming to a head. (With Republicans in charge of Congress there was no issue to turning a blind eye when this administration continually did not follow the rule of law and betrayed the United States Constitution with every opportunity). Things are different now.

So what is Cheney's solution to the dispute? He wants to abolish the ofc that is asking for the records, according to Henry Waxman, who heads the Congressional committee investigating the matter. He warned Cheney in a letter that his actions could be downright criminal, saying he questions the legality and the wisdom of (Cheney's) actions.

A Cheney spokesman refuses to discuss whether Cheney sought (or is seeking) to abolish the National Archives, but she did respond to Waxman's accusations saying Cheney has acted under the law. She says he's the executive of Congress which puts him in a different position. Now they (they being Cheney we can assume), are claiming that the Vice President's ofc is not a part of the executive branch, and therefore not subject to the laws of said (executive branch).

Waxman's letter to Cheney
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