Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Are BushSheep, big mouth ignorant cowards?

Hardball showed a quick segment of a video of Cindy Sheehan having a friendly Q&A with some media, then she is confronted by some dumb hillbilly Bush sheep who is verbally attacking her. He then gets hassled (and rightly so) by people there including the media and some war veterans. I found the whole video on youtube (below). The people there (mainly Vietnam Vets it looks like) ask if he's served in Iraq. He says 'no', he would, but he's too old, he's 31. They inform him he can join up at the age of 40, and offer to drive him down to the recruiting office. He then tries to squirm out of his escapade, he said he needs to stay here and make lots of money to fund the war (bu)t he'd go to Iraq if George Bush asked him to.

This video is a freaking classic of the 27% that support this incompetent president we're stuck with.. You can double click the video and it will take you to the actual youtube page where it is posted.

This youtube version over 8 minutes long. This nut from Alabama is confronted by Vietnam vets and says he loves George Bush. He tells them (in so many words) that if they don't support Bush and this war, then they should stop taking any benefits they get from the Veterans Association.

Shorter version that was posted on youtube-Just over 3 mins, shows the basic confrontation:

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