Saturday, July 14, 2007

NAACP Debate Ignored By White Male GOP (and the media)

It's pretty funny how we hear the constant whining of neocons claiming that the media is so liberal. If this were true, then there would be wide coverage of this debate being completely ignored by the GOP. Oddly, Google, even in the news section, brings up pretty much NOTHING covering this incident. Yahoo posted an article on the debate and a small back page of USA Today gave it some attention....Yahoo was the only site listed under "news" on Google that even mentioned it, that I found. Some blogs such as this one gave it some play... but but but where's the (so called) liberal media bashing the right for this arrogant behavior? I've seen not one iota about it in tv media either.

I think it's also important to note Yahoo's tone in their article. Yahoo has always had a republican overtone, which is bad and dangerous when so many people use it as a source of mainstream news. Notice in this article as linked above where the writer refers to "Indeed, the NAACP is a viciously partisan organization". Whether it is or not, whether he thinks it is or not, is that an appropriate comment to make a news page by the writer? On top of that, he links to another pg (to prove how vicious they are), which is laughable in it's content to call it visious.

Talking about media bias and who owns who is another topic altogether, this post is about the no show of GOP candidates at a debate where the Democrats drew a huge appreciative crowd. But I think it's very important for all readers and news curious people to always keep an eye on who owns what media outlet, whether it's online news, print news, or tv. Rupert Murdoch, notorious right wing owner of Fox and newspapers here and around the world, has a monopoly on what news you get and how it's presented to you.. this is dangerous! Even now, not only is Murdoch trying to buy the Wall Street Journal (which is already right wing), and close to a deal with the owners (so I hear), but he's also trying to buy 25% of Yahoo in a Deal where he can exchange his ownership of (which he owns) in a trade for some of Yahoo's stock.

Who owns NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CNN, etc, matters when it comes to trustworthy news sources. People in Europe, every singe American who moves to Europe (after they've been there awhile), they all say the same thing, comparing their news media to America's, we look utterly foolish. They see a major blackout by our media on real news, whether it be national or international, our media is as controlled as North Koreas so it seems.

...and by the way, kudos to GOP contender Tancredo for showing up. I always thought he was a nice man, just with bad politics.

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