Friday, July 13, 2007

N Carolina's David Almond (R) "Suck it Baby!"

The hypocrisy of right wingers trying to control our bedrooms and their sex offenses keep coming out of the woodwork.

This post, written by Howie Klein, originally appeared on Down With Tyranny!

At least this one, North Carolina Rep. David Almond had the decency to resign almost as soon as word of his inappropriate behavior came out. The North Carolina House Republicans are trying to keep his transgression a secret, but they did force him to resign. An insurance agent, Almond was serving his second term in the House. Impeccable DWT sources tell me he exposed himself in front of a female employee and chased her around the room yelling "Suck it, baby, suck it." It is unclear whether or not there was physical contact. She filed a personnel complaint.

In a one-sentence letter to House Speaker Joe Hackney, the two-term Republican lawmaker from Stanly County immediately resigned his seat representing the 67th House District.

"A complaint has been filed against me with the Speaker. I intend to defend myself against these charges in whatever forum may be appropriate," Almond said in a written statement released by House GOP leaders.

"In the meantime, I have concluded that it is in the best interest of my family and the constituents of my district to resign from the General Assembly."

Hackney said he received "a personnel complaint" involving Almond last week, but said state and federal confidentiality laws bar him from giving any details.

...Hackney, D-Orange, didn't meet with Almond personally, delegating that job to House Republican leader Paul Stam, who announced Almond's decision at a news conference Thursday but also declined to give details.

"Sadness" was Stam's response to the complaint, which he said he first heard about late Monday afternoon, and to Almond's resignation, Stam said.

Stam, R-Wake, said Republican leaders asked Almond to resign "if the allegations were true," but that Almond resigned on his own.

"He did it himself. The leaders of the caucus asked him to resign if the allegations were true. We don't know the truth or not," Stam said.

In true Republican fashion Almond was the vice chairman of the House committee on children, youth and families. Alter Net
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