Wednesday, October 24, 2007

13 Major California Fires Still Raging - Police shot dead possible arsonist

Thursday 25th:
CNN still reporting 3 dead while other outlets are saying 8 dead
One of the largest fires is being confirmed as arson
over 700,000 acres destroyed
Stadium plans to be clear of refugees in time for Sunday's game
Bush stopped in today for his photo opt and to put his arm around a Bushie for the cameras

San Diego has "narrowly" avoided a "massive" power outage this afternoon. They were able to pull together an east and west corridor of power, send out warnings and pleas to everyone to not use dishwashers, AC, or any unnecessary electrical use, and they also got 10% of the power they needed from Mexico, whom they've had an ongoing relationship with in sharing power when it's needed.

Mandatory Cell phone stoppage in effect - They're overwhelmed and emergencies can't get thru

8 confirmed dead
76 injuries reported
9 in critical condition
35 fire fighters injured
426,000 acres destroyed
900,000+ evacuated
$1 billion in damages (in San Diego County alone)
1600 homes destroyed
26,000 homes still threatened
Fire only 10% contained
8,900 firefighters
2,300 state inmates on the front lines helping
67 Defense Department employees on duty
4 Mexican fire engines sent over the border to help
Neighboring states responding with whatever's needed (trucks and man power)
13 major fires right now - Arson is suspected in at least some of the fires
3,000 Marines evacuated from Camp Pendleton
1600 National Guard deployed, some whom just got back from Iraq-500 more being sent
also National Guard pulled off border patrol to respond to the crisis
6,000 acres of avocados destroyed
Qualcomm Stadium where thousands of evacuees are staying.. to say they are inundated with donations, special care givers, and everything else, is an understatement.

Bush has signed off on disaster relief to help the people affected by the fires.

Wednesday 3:25pm pt- MSNBC is reporting that Tuesday night police in So Calif shot and killed a man who officers approached to see if he was trying to start a fire. San Bernardino police say the man fled when they approached the Arizona man to ask questions. The man later ran his truck into the police (cruiser?) and then the police opened fire. Needless to say the details are still a bit sketchy. They are reporting 3 separate spots where they believe fires were set and are declaring those crime scenes.

Orange County Fire Chief: "Had we had more air resources, we could have been able to control this fire"

"Nonamnesiac", a forum poster on HuffPo, summed up the media's reaction quite well I think.

"The MSM were quick to get on the offensive on this one. On the MSNBC "Moron Joe" show, Dixiecrat-without-epithet Joe Scarborough simply attacked those experts from California who emphasized the needed equipment to successfully fight these horrible fires were in Iraq, along with trained manpower.

Scarborough basically screamed his moronic outrage that the California officials who pointed out the missing equipment and trained manpower necessary to effectively fight the fires were in Iraq were being "political" and was so loud and strident that he cowered poor, weak, Joe-supplicant-sycophant Mika into echoing Scarborough's phony outrage. Of course airhead Willi Geist, fresh from reporting on Britney, Lindsay and Paris joined in the attack on the experts by Moron Joe.

I remember morons like Joe who screamed and yelled their stupidity at civil rights demonstrators in the 60s, thinking they could silence truthtellers with loudly screamed lies. Moron Joe was in rare form this morning -- attacking truthtellers once again, with little Mika at his side.

They both should be sent packing."
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