Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fox uses sensationalism and scare tactics in fire reporting

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Fox talks down to their viewers. They use extreme voice range in exaggerating something as if the National Enquirer was being read to a 12 yr old. They don't sound like news commentators, they sound like sensationalists. Their viewers have been tuned in so long, they don't even notice the way they are being talked to.... and it's intentional on Fox's part. They sell sensationalism. They sell fear, and it's all for an agenda. A Republican owned corporation with the intent of wealth and power by the large corporations who line the pockets of the Republican party. It really is that simple. The Republican party has always been a corporate party. Corporate profits are good for the economy thus the needs and well being of corporations comes first.. always. Profits and power first, taking care of the needs of the American people comes 2nd, and the needs of the infrastructure of the nation comes 3rd.

According to Raw Story who did some investigating on the remarks by a Fox spokesman, they did not receive "100's of comments" regarding the possibility of terror related to these fires. Raw Story found only 2.

Haven't seen enough corruption yet!

Bush Administration Blocking Other Whistleblower Cases
The Justice Department is using a legal loophole to block 50 similar cases against other Iraq contractors. The cases have been filed under the False Claims Act, which allows whistleblowers to sue contractors suspected of defrauding the government and keep a portion of the penalties. The Justice Department is obstructing the cases by repeatedly asking for extensions, leaving many cases in limbo for years.8 A Truman Committee could help shine a spotlight on these charges.
Read here for more, just one of many articles you can find on corruption and war profiteering cheered on by the Bush Administration

More details in this March 2006 article

Be sure to check out the books on the marquee at left if you really care about this country and if you really want to know about the lies and corruption that have been going on with this war and administration. Also check out this newer book, "Takeover: The Return of the Imperial Presidency and the Subversion of American Democracy".

If you find yourself just beginning to research and find interest in all the info leading up to the war, start out with Ahmed Chalabi, google his name and the huge part he played in getting us into this war, and how we paid him $300,000 per month for his information, that turned out to be all lies..lies that could easily be researched before we went to war. Also there are some great Videos by Robert Greenwald that you may want to check out.

Yesterday I made this blog entry and later in the day on Keith O's show he discussed this same topic with Rachel Maddow. I'm glad I wasn't the only one that noticed this Fox nonsense!

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