Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Heading into 2008 with war and elections

IA-Pres (D)Dec 24 ARG
Clinton 34%, Edwards 20%, Obama 19% ...
IA-Pres (R)Dec 24 ARG
Huckabee 23%, Romney 21%, McCain 17% ...

Around the media in other news:

Heading into 2009, after the elections, we may see a switch-up at CBS with Katie Couric moving to 60 Minutes permanently, a distinguished job in itself, and Harry Smith taking the evening news time slot according to TV Newser of Media Bistro. Also mentioned is a NY Times piece about O'Reilly and Olbermann's growing audiences with their opinionated programs. Both have picked up viewers, O'Reilly and his war on Christmas and France has picked up 6% in viewers while Keith O has gained a 50% larger audience with his tirade on the Bush administration and anything (or one) connected to Fox, with his favorite target being O'Reilly.

Over at CNN following the story of Youssif's plight is good for the soul and reading his mother's thoughts was a nice way to end this holiday. This is interesting, some kids in an Arabic language class in Iowa are translating kids books into Arabic for kids in Iraq. This brief mention on NPR also mentions Arabic classes are on the rise. I wonder if the government got involved with this, only after they found themselves critically low on Arabic speaking citizens to join our country in national security issues. The Queen of England is showing how hip she is at a ripe young age of 81 and has decided to make use of YouTube with videos of her thrown, crown, and court jester (or something like that).

The Horses Mouth posts about Sludge and Lush Dimbulb's attacks on Hillary backfiring with Republican women. At Crooks and Liars they remind the many Ron Paul fanatics that he happens to be one of the Republican Candidates that does not believe in evolution. The Democratic Party wants to remind voters of the Republican failures on immigration reform and takes on their fear mongering as an election ploy. Mitt Romney is getting backlash for his MLK comment where he (apparently) distorted some facts on history relating to his father and MLK.

War profiteers continues to get attention with more details of Blackwater and their practices in billing, that have profited them billions. Their pyramid scheme is discussed at TPM. This video from the Bill Maher show talks with the author of Blackwater and gives a chilling account of the agenda behind this organization. Then you can take a look at this list of top 10 war profiteers and see where your money went. If you google 'war profiteering', you'll find many more articles on the topic. Seems the hip words today you'll find over used and abuses in political chat forums are 'fascist' and 'zionnazi'. Well Salon takes on the subject of Who's a fascist? with a comparison to Bush. USA Today reports military families are split on the Iraq war and Bush. Billy Joel wrote a song comprised of versus in letters he's received from our military in Iraq. Why he was communicating with them I don't know. That side of this story hasn't been fully explained from what I've seen in the news. But apparently according to this brief article, the song has angered some of his fans who call it un-American. My understanding is the words are directly from the soldiers, if this is so, I wonder if the angry fans understand that.
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