Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Iron My Shirt" Male protesters bolstered women to protect Hillary


Clinton insiders say the men who protested Hillary Clinton's campaign stomp in New Hampshire, shouting the theme at her while carrying signs of the same intent, bolstered women to stand up and be heard. Also Hillary's choked up moment the day before seems to have had an affect on men who have been programmed for the last 15 yrs to hate Hillary (for no particular reason I might add). The 2 incidents helped Hillary take a lead from the time balloting closed in New Hampshire and stayed steady through the count process.. much to the shock (and dismay) of our right wing media and pollsters. Congrats Hill!

Post-N.H., Obama Needs to Answer ‘Where’s the Beef?’By Mort Kondracke
MANCHESTER, N.H. - A door-to-door canvasser here for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) told me all during the weekend before Tuesday's primary that his team was encountering independent voters torn between Clinton and Republican Sen. John McCain (Ariz.).
Surely an anomaly, I thought. Then I ran into such a voter, a teacher taking her young daughter to campaign events. I asked her, "What about Barack Obama?"
"I've seen him five times," she said. "What he says sounds great, but it's all fluff. There's no meat there."
And that, I think, is one reason Clinton pulled out a campaign-saving victory over the Illinois Democrat here.
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