Thursday, January 10, 2008

Media sexism and 'Hillary hate' hiding behind the "establishment" theme

Could Chris Matthews, David Shuster, and their other pundits (most of which are republican) at least pretend to be fair and balanced to Hillary? They hide their disdain, their (possibly?) sexism behind the term "establishment".. She's the "establishment" and that's bad. "Experience" is bad too apparently.

My hero these last few days who presented rationality, Pat Buchanan. I already knew that Craig Crawford was a supporter of Hillary, but I must say, imo, Pat Buchanan has shown unbiased, rational, wisdom on this issue and it's not the first time I've seen this quality in him.

I am not a racist. I've never been a racist. So when someone shouts "racism" it infuriates me. I see racism from the blacks screaming racism. I see sexism from the males screaming racism and "establishment". I see a double standard when accusing middle aged women of racism because they didn't vote for Obama yet the establishment black media backs Obama automatically. They try to appear professional and act as if they back him for other reasons.. but bullshit, come on, we're not stupid or blind. Colin Powell, the Republican ass-kisser is praising Obama for his candidacy and supports him..... why? Oh yeh, we know why. So let me get this straight. It's ok for men to support men because they are men. It's ok for blacks to support blacks because they are blacks. Hell it's not questioned when Hispanics back Hispanics because they are Hispanics. But alas, if a woman backs a woman because she's a woman, or because she's a woman and qualified, or because she's a woman, qualified, and would be making history as the 1st woman ever... well this is racism against blacks! Yes folks, the media has spoken!

Add to this Chris Matthews on Hardball, makes such an ass of himself almost nightly. He and his cohorts are scrambling to save face. They go on and on about what the polls were telling them about New Hampshire. We saw them announce Hillary Clinton's pending political death with a giddy sneer on their faces. Their boy, Obama was gonna win!

When it was all over they had egg on their faces and shriveled egos in their pants. They came off unprofessional, biased, sexist, and foolish in the end. Chris was so struck by this outcome that MSNBC ran a special 1 hour program the night after the elections, 2 hours after his daily Hardball program, to gather with their media buddies and assess what went wrong.. how could the polls be so wrong(?). Racism, that had to be it!

I was livid. So I spent a lot of boring time watching and re watching this tivo'd program to edit some segments for presentation, for history, for remembrance of our biased, incompetent, sexist media. Note: a video I added yesterday right before the polls closed- re watch it from yesterdays post. Chris has his round table of republican media people (male and female) who sat there and gleeed with joy Hillary was going to lose that night by double digits. I'm infuriated by what I've witnessed, but not surprised.

I'm flabbergasted by what I'm witnessing. Within 24 hours after Hillary took New Hampshire with a solid win, I heard Chris Matthews shouting "racism!" as the only possible reason why she could over take Obama. I was truly stunned I was hearing this.

We were shown on our respective cable (fake-news) channels the minute the polls closed, Hillary with a steady lead in the range of 800 to 7,000 votes throughout the night. We didn't witness her ahead, then Obama ahead, then drawing even with Edwards, what we witnessed was a solid win for Hillary in New Hampshire, but alas, the MSM discounts this.

During the evening as the polls kept showing Hillary ahead, we watched the media frantically scramble to explain why the pollsters were so far off, and trying to explain, 'well the college towns haven't reported in yet and when they do, Obama will surely take his double digit lead over Hillary and maintain it'. But that didn't happen. So the rest of the night I flipped back and forth from CNN and MSNBC watching these fools fumble with their words and squirm in their chairs. It left them looking pathetic and me laughing as I watched them attempt to explain why they were wrong, dead wrong.

Their previous burial of Hillary after only one (inconsequential) state, Iowa, showed them for the biased, unprofessional, and yes- sexist doofuses they are. Let's be honest. Iowa was worth 7 electoral votes and 45 delegates, that's not a life or death state for anyone to win...especially since the top 3 Democratic candidates split up those delegates. But the MSM, most of which is male, most of which is republican leaning, most of which hates Hillary, showed their outrageous bias and yes sexism, in their reporting.

Here are the facts according to what I've witnessed the last 2 days: Hillary can't win the general election. Experience doesn't matter, in fact it's a dirty word. Obama is a fresh face who offers "change" and after all, he's black! and ..... (drum roll)... he's a man! He's articulate! He's a great orator! He has charisma! He makes women cry! He won Iowa so Hillary, Edwards and the rest are finished, cuz........... OBAMA WON IOWA!

The mostly male establishment were shameful in their coverage. Hillary's unelectable. Nobody likes her. She voted for the war (which isn't technically true), and blah blah blah.

The stats embedded in my brain after watching the MSM on cable since this campaign season began:

*The commentators on CNN and MSNBC (and I'll assume Fox but I don't watch them) do not like Hillary Clinton, and let's be honest, most of them are Republican.

*They've decided she's a bitch (after 15 yrs of a smear campaign that has brainwashed them along with a portion of the public).

*They do not want her to be president. period.

*They use the term "establishment" to hide their sexism behind.

*"Experience" is now a dirty word going into the 2008 elections. 35 yrs devoted to public service, families and children carry no weight, fighting the establishment and corruption carries no weight, because your resume has a history of, well, 35 yrs, you are now unqualified to be a candidate for the most important highest job, highest honor, in the most powerful country in the world.

*Showing any sign of weakness is unacceptable,but only if you're a female candidate. When Reps like Mittens and Judy choke up or shed a tear, that's ok, that's different, the media barely covers it and moves along to other pertinent news like Britney spears.

*With Chris Matthews leading the way, they are screaming "racism" for her winning in New Hampshire.

*The middle aged people of this progressive educated northern state are racists as assessed by the MSM. They were so intimidated by the attention of pollsters and media, they lied, they must have told pollsters they'd vote for Obama to save face, but when behind that curtain they voted their heart.. or ah, their racist other option, Hillary.

*Hillary won New Hampshire not because people saw her as strong, qualified, smart, and the best damn person for the job, no, she won it because of racism.

*Middle aged women in New Hampshire voted with their feminine hearts and not with their brains. They chose Hillary not for her qualifications, not for the trust they knew they could put in her, not for her history of serving this nation and it's families. No, they voted for Hillary for other reasons. They came to her defense because 1) she choked up and showed a heartfelt feminine side 2) the media was picking on her and mapping her doom. 3) Male protesters showed up at her speeches screaming, "Iron my shirts!" and carrying signs with the same sexism plastered on them.

*After the results of Iowa, we must ignore the other 49 states and crown Obama as king. The other states, the millions of people should have no say... Iowa has spoken. (This of course only comes into play because the media darling Obama came out ahead mind you.)

*The MSM never assessed, never speculated that a big part of the reason any woman (or man for that fact) could possibly choose Hillary is because they studied the issues, took their votes very seriously, and simply chose Hillary Clinton over all the other candidates as the best person for the job. This possibility was never even considered by the media. They decided it was a variety of other reasons women voted for Hillary, but not possibly because they were making what they saw as the best possible choice to become our president.

This just astonishes me, it insults me, it infuriates me, it leaves me flabbergasted.

Last but not least, the facts they represented to me as a viewer are-

*They don't want a woman as president

*They don't want a woman as president

*They don't want a woman as president

... and don't give me this 'we're ok with a woman just not this woman' bullshit.
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