Friday, January 18, 2008

Las Vegas unions intimidate, harass, threaten voters- Vote Obama or don't show up

(3:20pm pac time- Update- see bottom of this post )

As reported at Taylor Marsh's website there are reports of union officials harassing casino workers, especially those who aren't very familiar with the system and appear easily manipulated. Informing them they must sign a pledge card to vote for Obama. Also, they must vote for Obama at the caucuses at their work-site, in the casinos, or not show up at all.

Let's remember these workers are voting in public by a show of hands, at their work place in front of their peers. This is not a vote in their own communities where they'd have some resemblance of privacy, nor the voting booth (like a primary) where they can choose who they want in total privacy.

This sadly reminds me of the corporate world intimidation to knock Air America off the air back in 2006. It's now under new management after filing bankruptcy but the secret letter, a list of big businesses who insisted their ads be pulled from AA, is what caused their demise.

Seems opposing views, thoughts or votes are frowned upon in this country, especially after 9/11.

Read this Media Matters post and the accompanying letter that shows the list of big businesses that boycotted AA's views. It was reported all over the internet like here at Think Progress but sadly the mass population of this country doesn't use google for informative details on what really goes on.. the ugly side of politics.

Update- as of 3pm today I can tell you that Chris Matthews of Hardball who has been sent emails informing him of this story, has not covered it whatsoever although they've spent plenty time talking about the LV vote and promoting Obama in (what they think) is a inconspicuous manner. The caucuses are tomorrow. It's now or never. If he had an unbiased program, if it were truly hard hitting (real) news, he would be all over this story.

Below is a list of several news programs you'll find on tv and cable tv. Take advantage of the addresses and contact these people and tell them what you think. The more who speak out, the more you'll be noticed.

Chris Matthews at

Dan Abrams

Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News:

NBC 'Today' (I assume the Today Show)


Keith Olbermann:

CNN: fill out form

American Morning-
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The Situation Room-
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CNN News Room-
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and ABC-

ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos
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