Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hillary Clinton and Mittens have won their Nevada caucuses

This is a great win for Hillary considering the Culinary Union backing of Obama and the reported intimidation of voters. So far it looks like she's winning by 6% which is the distance she was leading in the most recent polls for the state.

John Edwards is having a terrible turnout here. His polls recently were around 27% here, within range of Obama and Hillary for this upcoming caucus..but so far today he's only gotten 4% of the vote.. sounds like his demise although I won't be surprise if he continues on.

Mittens appears to be taking the state by 55% here in Nevada. My understanding is that Mitt and Ron Paul are the only 2 who really campaigned here. Paul seems to be finishing in 2nd or 3rd place so far. Though the state is only 7% Mormon (LDS), the LDS turnout for Mitt is somewhere around 29% of his vote... so they turned out for their guy unlike other campaign supporters.


Final GOP tally - Mittens 51%, Ron Paul 14%, John McCain 13%, Fred Thompson 8%, Huckleberry 8%, Rudy 4%, Duncan Hunter 2%.

Somewhere between Nevada and So Carolina Duncan Hunter dropped out of the race. (was he even really ever in it?)


98% of the votes are in - Hillary 51%, Obama 45%, Edwards 4%

Hillary carried 7 of the 9 casinos on the strip.

There seems to be a dispute over how many delegates she and Obama got. Obama's campaign mgr goes on msnbc with his sneering arrogance and says Hillary didn't win Nevada, that she got 12 delegates and Obama got 13. CNN, and AP were posting the opposite. Now msnbc keeps playing up that Obama got more delegates and saying they can't say (now) that Hillary won Nevada! They've decided to continue their bias against Hillary and pro Obama gameplan at msnbc and say he won cuz he got one more delegate.

An official of the voting and delegate oversight here in Nevada specifically told msnbc that actually the (exact) delegate count won't be known until April.. and we are not talking about super delegates, we are talking about the 25 that were up for grabs. Well, when msnbc keeps reporting that Obama won, they never mention the official from Nevada saying otherwise, nor do they admit that Hillary clearly won the state due to the votes.

In the past they've ignored delegate counts when discussing these winners and losers in these state caucuses and primaries, but alas, being as biased as they are in favor of Obama, they are now choosing to totally ignore Hillary's huge win here against the unions, a clear victory.

The delegates are a seperate issue. When Obama won Iowa and everyone was so excited over this, there was no discussion in the media that he only won 1 delegate more than Edwards and 2 more than Hillary. The delegates were a non issue.. when Hillary won NH she and Obama got the same amount of delegates, 9, yet again this was not a topic of interest.. the discussion in the cable msm was who won the votes. The vote getter was the clear victor. Yet here we are in Nevada, Hillary with a clear comfortably sized win on voter turn out, yet they won't even acknowledge this. I am truly flabbergasted at the media bias against Hillary Clinton.

South Carolina

In So Carolina McCain has a lead on Huckleberry.. this being the biggest evangelical state would (should) be a huge loss for Huck if these votes hold up.

MSNBC stats for the state:

79% republican
19% independent
2% democratic

53% evangelical
47% other


McCain has won South Carolina with 97% of the votes counted he has 33%, Huckabee 30%, Thompson 16%, Romney 15%, Paul 4%, Rudy 2% (2 percent!?)
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