Saturday, January 19, 2008

More Caucus results for Nevada

Click here for more Las Vegas caucus pics

The only casino results I've found - there were 9, and Hillary took 7 of the 9.

Flamingo: 121 to 120, Clinton wins
New York, New York: 93 to 69, Clinton wins
Paris: 213 to 98, Clinton wins
Wynn: 189 to 187 (supposed to be the biggest at-large site -- 1,000 were expected), Clinton wins

Obama won Caesars: 82 to 79.


With 98 percent of the precincts reporting we are seeing record turnout with more than 115,800 caucus attendees

Obama claims delegate win but party official says 'no'
Heavy Hispanic turnout for Clinton
Union tactics of pressure and intimidation backfired
They laughed at Harry Reid when he said the turnout will be 100,000
Interactive map of Nevada for caucus turnout

GOP final Nevada Caucus numbers

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