Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Obama behaves like a freaking child, we cannot let this guy get elected.

PhotobucketFirst he whines and complains, and whines when things don't go his way. The Clintons played tag team against him... boo hoo! Now check out this outrageous behavior. If I recall I came in just in time to hear the MSNBC commentary after the SOTU address, with Chris Matthews talking to Keith O and saying how Obama looked so presidential as he came in and how all attention was on him. Chris and Howard also went out of their way to exclaim that Obama's presense stole all the attention from this being Bush's last speech.. (give me a break!).


On top of that this AP article basically shows how utterly childish Obama behaved. He hangs on Ted Kennedy and at his side as if he's being protected by his daddy. Then when Hillary comes across to greet and shake hands with Kennedy, Obama turns away so not to make eye, verbal or physical contact with her!

.. and this is the guy so many people want for president! this is insane!

This incident is surely to make the news tomorrow as it has here already and here.

Slate has a rather enjoyable article on Obama, "the senator who regards himself too highly" (snicker!)
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