Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Florida hands Hillary a major victory of momentum

Several moments ago Florida told shouted that they want Hillary Clinton as their president!

Right now CNN is showing Hillary with a decisive victory of 50% with 726,471 votes, Obama 32% with 470,078 votes and Edwards with 15% and 209,601 votes. There are 74% of the votes counted. MSNBC is only showing Reps on the bottom of their screen.

We all know the media is biased and unfair to Senator Clinton. They attempt to prop Obama up to royalty status.. Well, just moments after the declaration of who won from both parties, (though they keep emphasizing that Florida doesn't count and Hillary's win doesn't matter), I decided to grab some screen shots of the major websites to see how they are treating her victory.

Click links below -

Just moments before Hillary was declared the winner in Florida, this is how MSNBC's political homepage totally ignored the Fla polls

Finally about 10 mins later, MSNBC gave in and acknowledged Hillary's victory on their political homepage

CNN still hasn't acknowledged her on their homepage

Huffington Post, who has always openly shown their disdain for Hillary and drooling love for Obama, also makes no obvious mention of Hillary's victory on their liberal popular website

Shortly later, HuffPo updated their headline and still refused to make a big deal about Hillary's huge victory

For Republicans - It was quite a close race for awhile but McCain pulled ahead of Romney with Rudy in 3 with a miserable showing. Huckleberry and the rest were non existant in the race.

Rudy gave what started out as a great speech, that sounded like an anouncement he's quitting, but seemed to go on and on and sounded more like a campaign speech!

Romney's speech included many punches at the Dem party and what we think and want (according to him), and a few digs at Hillary personally were thrown into his speech too. He's almost likeable except for the ridiculously rude snips at the Democrats.

Right now McCain is talking and it's hard not to laugh as he sounds soooooo old it's just, well, funny!

I have a bit of video to upload but it will take awhile to get it on youtube and posted. Hillary has now appeared for an interview with Wolf and on msnbc Keith O, after slighting her victory, also mentioned Hillary would give an interview. I'll upload and post these as soon as I can.

Apparently Rudy will be dropping out and making a speech at the Reagan Library where he'll endorse McCain.
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