Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cable News covers Clinton's win in Florida as insignificant

Despite their attempts to minimize, demonize, and end Hillary's political campaign to be the first woman president of this country, she's made a spectacular showing in Florida. The turnout not only covers a racially diverse population, but the numbers were larger for Dems than all the previous state's races combined. Apparently Hillary edged out Obama in the youth vote too. The Dems high turnout was comparable to Republicans who had campaigned vigorously in the sunshine state.

I thought Wolf was reasonably fair to her tonight in his comments throughout the evening. Over at msnbc Keith couldn't hide his usual disdain for Hillary, along with Chris's off remarks.. and then Andrea Mitchell who I think (probably) is friendly with Hillary but lately she's shown some very unprofessional (imo) behavior in her reporting.
"Florida voters preferences will be heard" -Boston Globe

More details on the Florida and Michigan delegate mess for Dems
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