Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Are we going to decide who gets this nomination or do we let the media decide it for us?

Boy what timing. Moments ago, 5am pst here, I tuned into CNN just in time to hear Susan Malvo speak these words:

(she was in mid sentence)

"....fully expect that Senator Clinton's, she's going to get more states she's going to get more delegates, ahhh but they say that Barack Obama, if he comes within 100 delegates, then-then he wins some states, that that's going to reach their threshhold for success and better position them to get the nomination later on down the road.

It's all about those headlines on Wednesday exceeding expectations and making the voters in those future contests believe that that is the candidate who's most electable and also perhaps even urging some of those folks who have yet to endorse the candidate that they're the one they should go for. "

The moment I tuned in, first thing I heard is about how the headlines, not the actual voter turnout, will set the momentum for a future winner.

And just who writes those headlines? Not me! Not you! It's pretty obvious she was in the middle of talking about the Obama campaign's plan.. low expectations, come in close, and then steal victory from Hillary by using media headlines to manipulate the mindset of the voters, especially future voters who have later dates for primaries. (Is that some of the honor Obama was talking about to use in his campaign and presidency?)

As I post this heading off to some slumber, the usual tactics are at play on msnbc Morning Joe's show. (I won't even go into it)

But seriously, how can we look at this poll out of California and not feel the day just might be promising?

This updated poll has Hillary leading in Calif by 10

Look, the Dem side is so freaking tight, not only nationally but almost every single state just can't be called. The polls aren't helping because they are all over the place. So here's what I decided to do. Make my last post showing a poll with Hillary up 10 pts in California. It is one of 3 or 4 polls that are the most recent polls taken. Some show them even another shows Obama up.. but the hell with those. Let's focus on this poll for the day and just keep our fingers crossed.

If Hillary has a bad day, well, we'll just move on to the next state's race.

Just as I'm about to tune out, it's still dark here and I hope to get some sleep, I see Hillary and Bill are up and out already on the East Coast, going in to make their votes and do some interviews and campaigning today. They said she was already on Joe's this morning.. I must have been on CNN at the time..

Good luck Hillary! I'll be counting bushsheep ballots as I head off to sleep!
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