Monday, February 4, 2008

The Dancing With the Stars Syndrome - proof Democrats can be as foolish as Republicans

The Polls sadly show the proof that Dems are as dumb as Reps and that the DWTS syndrome is alive and well in politics.

Dancing With The Stars, or DWTS syndrome shows that there is always and maybe will always be an advantage for men over women in this country, and around the world. Women are not drawn to Obama due to his politics. They have no clue what his politics is. They are drawn to his great oration, to his (empty) rhetoric and promises of change. He inspires them, he makes women cry. Yes! these are the qualifications for president of the United States!

We watch them scream and tear up in his presence as we sit here and wonder since when does it take only charisma to choose a president? oh, that's right, in 2000 America voted for Bush because he seemed like a great guy to have a beer with... how's that worked out for yeh America? Bush wasn't fully vetted by the news organizations nor has Obama. Actually the news media hasn't vetted Obama at all, sadly.

The importance of bringing a woman to the presidency has enormous reach that sadly and obviously many are missing sight of. It's embarrassing to see the famous women flock to Obama instead of Hillary, when it's OBVIOUS they are flocking to him based on charisma rather than substance. If they had bothered to research his substance they might have taken more careful notice that words are after all only words, but a person's substance is essential in making such important decisions.

This blog entry at the Women Media Center is wise beyond many's ability to understand. I wish I'd been wise enough to have written it!

The DWTS syndrome that has kept any woman from winning on ABC's popular reality show, may sadly keep this country from ever having a woman president. The simple fact is that men have more charisma than women. Is this a scientific fact? No, it's my assessment, it's the DWTS syndrome we've seen played out throughout our lives, and if people continue to base such important decisions on charisma rather than content, then this country, along with the international plight of women everywhere, are in deep trouble.

The Media's Influence

I can't end without mentioning the cable news media. If they are a representation of what this country really is, then I'm embarrassed and disheartened. We are already perceived to be a dumbed down society and the media is feeding it.

Fox is a right wing talking tool and as foolish as they look to the rest of us, we have to admit they are good at what they do; ratings-bimbos, blondes, breasts, and controversy, politics-neocons, Clinton haters, Republicans, and Corporate interests. They do what they need to do to meed their agenda.

CNN, well, Wolf Blitzer is the essence of what CNN is. Old, boring, non confrontational, with the attempted appearance of depth and intellectual coverage but lacking desperately in both. They alone should have brought to the viewers the proof that Bush and Cheney should have been on trial for war crimes. But CNN like all media is corporate owned and it's all about $$$. When Ted Turner was still with CNN, that was a REAL news organization.

MSNBC, oh boy, first thing that comes to mind is the biggest slime ball not on Fox and that's Joe Scarborough. He doesn't hide he's a die hard right wing tool but the morning non stop pro Obama anti Clinton talking points are so sickening to listen to.

When his show comes on air here at 3am, I tune in as I close my eyes and tune out to the day (before) stresses. Listening to Joe and Mika and their condescending tone to viewers infuriates me as I fall asleep. They think we are all so stupid that we don't see what they are doing, using a simplistic tone in their voice they think maybe we won't notice they are constantly saying something negative about anything Clinton related, and constantly saying something towards hero worship over Obama.

It is a masterful game they are playing. I admit most viewers won't notice that Joe's crew are playing them for utter fools. I would love to sit down with a group of viewers and watch a pre tivo'd show of Joe's, and point out to them every moment, every word, every sign of what Joe is doing to unconsciously sway your opinion.

In the last 2 months I've seen Mika only 1 time express full disclosure that her father and brother are working on the Obama campaign (and at a high level in the campaign, not some local gig). So this show along with every moment and every commentator on MSNBC is playing a game against the Clinton campaign that is just disappointing to watch.

When Robert DeNiro campaigned today for Obama he said, "One person inspired me". This is the same term we hear over and over from these stars. No mention of admiring Obama for his work on a particular project or his intense research to pass an important bill. Nothing relating to experience and hard work, just "he inspires me". I hope that concerns as many people as it does me.
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