Sunday, February 3, 2008

Eli Manning turns MVP

Eli Manning carried his family talent into a spectacular Giant's 17-14 win tonight in one of the most exciting Super Bowls by many standards. He's not the most polished or even steady quarterback but at 27, he's just a kid and still sharpening those skills his brother Peyton has mastered. With a defense full of grunt and heart, tonight he was given the time he needed to find his glory and pull off some steady and impressive maneuvers. He lead his team to victory over the unbeatable Patriots who were 16-0 for the season. There were some impressive moves by the defense and offense and a heart stopping moment when Eli appeared sacked, but the kid came popping up under the armpit of a giant Patriot, only to pull away (with the back of his shirt still in the hands of the defense) and get an impressive 1st down. NY must be in crazy mode tonight. The New England Patriots, well, maybe their assumed-thrown had gone to their head... a bit to early.

NFL-Manning's coronation is complete with stunning victory
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