Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chris Softball Matthews

Chris Matthews and his usual Hardball crew are all spinning the campaigns and in so many words are implying that Hillary should drop out of the campaign or the Democratic party will be fractured. Well I have news for him and them. Let the new voters, aka kids who have suddenly popped up and don't know anything about politics, let them take a back seat and wait for their turn. While they're at it, throw Barack, Mr. Arrogant Empty Suit into the backseat too and let him wait his turn.

I'm beyond sick of hearing about "change". What the hell is "change" anyway? Anyone have a clue? Obama is a preacher with no substance and I'm a bit tired of seeing him played up as if he's some kind of god.

MSNBC is going to have a field day now with the news that Hillary lent her campaign $5 million of her own money.... so what if she did?

Anyone who would look at the states she won yesterday, and dare to compare them to the states that Obama got by default is making a foolish assertion. To say Calif matches as 1 state in comparison to Idaho is a joke. The fact Hillary scored in Massachusetts where the Kennedy family literally stabbed the Clinton's in the back is huge and cannot be paralleled to Obama picking up Utah, or Alaska or any of those red states where women walk 10 ft behind 'their man' and do what their told. The comparison to equal these states out and say Hillary won 8 and Obama won 13 is a joke.

Hillary scored big on Super Tuesday. The media can spin it all they want. The history books have a habit of containing facts, not spin.
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