Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Loss For The Kennedy Machine

The latest Delegate numbers we have are: Hillary Clinton: 825, Barack Obama: 732. .

Hillary-7,347,971 total votes
Obama-7,294,851 total votes

New Mexico is close and the figures aren't in yet. I haven't heard any more about a recount in Missouri (seems like a waste of effort anyway, split the delegates and move on). Still crunching all the numbers everywhere.

Sadly this terrible wave of tornadoes that ripped through the southeast is actually giving us a break from the media blitz trying to ram Obama into the White House sideways. Maureen Down of the NY Times and her hateful rants daily, doesn't help this country. I think she hates all women, including herself. Right now Andrea Mitchell is sitting at the desk at MSNBC. Very odd. I'd like to think all the regulars are in the back room being scolded by upper management. The highlight of my night was over at CNN seeing Paul Begala interrupt Carl Bernstein and tell him he's full of crap. It would be nice if he were on air all the time, and have a twin brother to sit in at MSNBC to inform them they're full of crap too.

This is a great op ed in the Boston Globe titled, "A loss for Kennedy". Occasionally the media comes through with some great pieces of reality about the Hillary/Obama saga that for some reason never makes it's way to our cable news media.

Just remember this; the media emphatically insisted that who ever won California would win the night. They cannot change that statement now, now that Hillary walked away with a clear victory in Cal, no matter how they try to spin it.

Craig Crawford in his blog post today reminds us of Florida and Michigan nightmares past. He'll be on with Dan Abrams tonight. Right now msnbc is reporting Hillary lent her campaign $5 million of her own money last month, reminding us that Obama raised his.. oh the blasphemy, should we hang her for this? I'm sure the msm will hang her out to try for this as long as they can get away with it. As I post this, they are announcing it again, after having just mentioned it 5 minutes ago. The msnbc early day bimbo has a way of emphasizing the pertinent parts of her statement to make Hillary look insignificant and Obama to be the power drive.


Omg now she's interviewing a Hillary spokesman and first thing she does is exclaim that Obama won the young vote. Fact is Hillary won the young vote in Calif. Then she comments that people are complaining that Hillary's speeches are boring.. IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING? AM I REALLY HEARING THIS?

oh god just shoot me
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