Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Congrats to Hillary for a great Super Tuesday

Hillary Clinton had a huge night on so many levels but you sure wouldn't know it listening to the MSM. My god the bias against her is just amazing. She can do nothing right in their eyes and Obama is god to the media. I've sent out so many emails tonight bitching at the cable news I can't see straight anymore!

So without further adu as my blood pressure is just boiling over at the moment, here are some stats that we have so far:

Popular Vote:
Hillary Clinton: 5,763,143 8 states
Barack Obama: 5,687,890 13 states

Delegate estimate from CNN: Obama 659 and Hillary Clinton 740
They are constantly updating these numbers.

Here is CNN's Candidate-Delegate Page to help keep track in the future.
Also check Politico for stats.

Alabama - 60 Delegates - Obama
Alaska - 18 Delegates - Obama
Arizona - 67 Delegates - Hillary
Arkansas - 47 Delegates - Hillary

California - 441 Delegates - Hillary Track California
Colorado - 71 Delegates - Obama
Connecticut - 60 Delegates - Obama
Deleware - 23 Delegates - Obama

Georgia - 103 Delegates - Obama
Idaho - 23 Delegates - Obama
Illinois - 185 Delegates - Obama
Kansas - 41 Delegates - Obama

Massachusetts - 121 Delegates - Hillary
Minnesota - 88 Delegates - Obama
Missouri - 88 Delegates - Obama - State may do a recount because of virtual tie
New Jersey - 127 Delegates - Hillary

New Mexico - 38 Delegates - dead even too early to call, 48% ea
New York - 281 Delegates - Hillary
North DAkota - 21 Delegates - Obama
Oklahoma - 47 Delegates - Hillary

Tennessee - 85 Delegates - Hillary
Utah - 29 Delegates - Obama

Further breakdown of each state's electoral numbers

Highlights of the night that make this huge for Hillary but the media just ignores it.

California was the big kahoona, they have a huge delegate and electoral vote bounty. They both wanted this and wanted it huge. The media for days has said Obama would take her over there or it would be a tie, but the momentum for days said he was going to steal it from her. Well he didn't and so far it appears she's winning big in Calif..

The Kennedy clan who backed Obama. All the big stars, you saw them. They came out of Massachusetts to campaign nationally for Obama, mostly in California where another famous Kennedy joined them on state to support Obama, Maria Shriver. Well 1) Hillary took Calif, and 2) Hillary took Massachusetts the state Ted Kennedy hails from.

New Jersey looked like it was in play for days and the Obama camp and the media were all gloating that Obama would take it from Hillary..... well he didn't.

The female Gov of Arizona endorsed Obama. Everyone seriously thought that state was in lay for Obama. He campaigned there and spent millions there in advertising. Hillary won that state too.

Claire McCaskill out of Missouri, the freshman Senator has been campaigning with Obama and in his media ads. Well all night long Hillary was leading there by 40,000-20,000. In the end Obama pulled a few 1000 ahead. but remember this is not about votes it's about delegates. They will end up splitting the delegates there and this is a huge slap in the face to the McCaskill endorsement of Obama.

One more big issue to mention. Obama brought it over $32million in donations this month and he spent a ton of it trying to beat Hillary in many states. She didn't even try to match his campaign ads that were flooding the airwaves in many Super Tuesday states that had larege delegates. Well, it didn't work. she came out with most of the huge delegate states. This is a huge slap in the face to the Obama camp though they'll never admit it.

Everyone and I do mean everyone at msnbc has enormous bias against Hillary and they all want Obama to win. They can talk all they want about how Obama won 13 states tonight, but they know, I know, and you know that how many states has nothing to do with who wins.

It's all about the delegates baby!

My 2 cents on the media:

The coverage by MSNBC was inexcusable. CNN and blowheart Carl Bernstein was so bad that Paul Beglia interrupted Carl at one point and told him he's full of crap! They also had several openly right wing talking heads at CNN and their unfair coverage of anything Hillary was the standard fair. At MSNBC I can't describe what I witnessed the last 6 hours. I think they all should be fired. I'm sure Fox was bad too but i stuck to these 2 channels.

The human break down went like this:

Hillary got white people, woman and old people. She got Hispanics and Asians too.
Obama got white people, young people, blacks, and independents.

I'll update this a bit further tomorrow.
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