Friday, February 8, 2008

David Shuster suspended at MSNBC, now we want Chris Matthew's head on a platter

Update: You can watch Shuster's forced apologies, this one from his appearance on right wing Morning Joe (where he fibbed on previous words spoken) and here from this afternoon that was obviously taped, and presented on the low ratings right wing bomb Tucker Carlson Show, hosted by Republican Norah O'Donnell today. David had no intention of apologizing

NBC/MSNBC has suspended David Shuster for his "pimped out" comment in regards to Chelsea Clinton making phone calls to Super Delegates (and in Shuster's opinion), not being available to press coverage.

MSNBC has been nothing but blatant in their disdain for the Clinton campaign and ne'er a day or minute go by that their right wing commentators, or Obama supporters don't express their opinions in their sneers, in their tone, in their facial expressions as they report their twists on the news.

I've sent complaints to MSNBC regarding their bias. Within 24 hrs after Hillary won New Hampshire, Matthews went on tv and screamed "racism". I was flabbergasted.

Today the News President of NBC has finally been forced to do something (with Shuster) I would assume due to being flooded with complaints to their network. The Clinton camp has threatened to boycott NBC debates in the future. The tone of all the media has been outrageously biased and unfair to the Clinton's. If you don't see what we see, simply switch the candidates out. In any comment or reporting on the Clinton's, replace it with the Obama family or the McCain family and maybe you'll begin to see the point we're trying to make.

You can listen to Howard Kurtz's discussion with Howard Wolfson, the Clinton communications director on this mp3-(opens in itunes too) regarding whether David Shuster had yet to make a public and personal apology to the Clinton's. At the time he had not. Shuster apparently made one apology earlier today on MSNBC and will again later today on the low ratings republican spin crap, "Tucker Carlson Show" and then he will take leave for his suspension. Honestly NBC doing this means nothing to me. Send Chris Matthews on suspension with Shuster and then we might think you give a damn about all this bias. Until then, it's a band aid on a road side IED assault on the Clinton's.


On Thursday's "Tucker" on MSNBC, David Shuster, who was serving as guest-host of the program, made a comment about Chelsea Clinton and the Clinton campaign that was irresponsible and inappropriate. Shuster, who apologized this morning on MSNBC and will again this evening, has been suspended from appearing on all NBC News broadcasts, other than to make his apology. He has also extended an apology to the Clinton family. NBC News takes these matters seriously, and offers our sincere regrets to the Clinton's for the remarks.

Steve Capus
NBC News President

Some of the addresses you can reach MSNBC at: EMAIL MSNBC: , , , ,

Bill Press penned out a great article today regarding the media picking our candidates rather than reporting on the news. By coincidence (and I'm sure it is), I sent him an email yesterday about the unfair advantage thrown at Obama in this case specifically, that he thought dropping the Super Delegates right now, in the middle of the game, was a good idea. I tried to point out how unfair this is to Clinton when she won Florida decisively in a huge voter turnout.

I've long admired Keith O's one man attacks on the Bush administration when all the other networks (including his own) continually cower at reporting the corruption and incompetence in this White House, but now we endure his daily bias at the Clinton's which he hides behind raised eye brows, tone and sneers. I'm not sure if he thinks (that) keeps us from seeing it, or if he thinks it's enough to appease him with his network so he doesn't get in trouble for the slant in the opinions that favor the Obama camp. Sorry Keith, we see it and it fits in with all the other dribble on MSNBC. There's nothing wrong with Hillary loaning her campaign money and I'd bet my house on it that your attitude would be much dif if it had been the Obama camp who had done it.

Need more proof that Keith O is in Obama's corner? Obama fund raising page in Keith's name Click to enlarge this pic (click again to full page size) and you can see it's a screen shot of Obama's fund raising webpage, with a tribute to an Obamanite, Keith Olbermann. Where does the media draw the line these days on ethics? Me thinks it's about 3 levels below the basement.

While Keith, David and Tucker throw their disdain for the Clinton's on air daily, we have to endure the MSNBC "guest commentators" who are ALL republican spokesman, or the occas Dem spokesman who favors Obama! This happened this morning again with Republican Norah O'Donnell having on a Rep advisor and a Dem advisor, and the Dem guy was blatantly pro Obama. He has nothing but adulations to trumpet for Obama and had nothing to say about Clinton. Then there's Chris Matthews who sadly gets 2 hours of airtime daily. This has to be the most swollen egoed, unqualified media person on daily (who gets this much air time). Ex: right now, Hardball, Chris opens his show with 2 guests. Both are republican spokesman! (big surprise). We have Tony Blankley and Michelle Laxalt, "GOP Strategist" who is sitting there smearing Hillary Clinton as Chris sits their like a lump saying nothing. This is the crappy media we have to deal with daily. Eventually, hopefully, this all bites them in the ass as it is and will continue to do to FOX. After she's done trashing Hillary, Chris is quick to mention a new poll that shows Hillary tied with McCain but Obama 7pts ahead. He makes no effort to show that among national voters, Democrats, Hillary is 8pts ahead of Obama. As Laxalt continues to bash Clinton as "completely failed socialistic health care reform package", and "make no mistake it would be both of them it would be reliving the Clinton dynasty". She goes on and on and Chris sits there quietly and has nothing to say. BASTARD.
Chris thinks we're sooooo stupid that we don't know this is his way of trashing the Clinton campaign. We're so stupid that we don't see he brings on Republicans to sit there and trash the Clinton's so he can sit there quietly and not take the heat for the biased trashing.

PhotobucketI want to point this out too. I have been tracking polls for about a year now almost daily. Before Super Tuesday we are all reading them often and closely. I started to notice a trend that needs to be called to light. All websites that are pro-profit have ads all over the page you are reading. I noticed that these polls had an usual amount of pro favor ads for McCain, and several anti Hillary ads such as this. You can click to enlarge the ad. It's the same exact ad I saw on 3 different polling sites that day. Is this ethical? Ads trashing Hillary on polling sites? You know Zogby, one of the biggest polls that are watched had a guest appearance on The Daily Show not long ago. Surprising to me (and I think Jon) he admitted to being a Republican and oddly showed his disdain for Hillary Clinton. It was totally unprofessional of him. Before Super Tuesday when the polls were reading all over the place on who was up and who was down, I noticed that Zogby is the one site that had Obama up 13 pts in California surpassing Hillary daily (on his polls) with a surge. Hillary won Calif by 10pts.
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